Joy of Brain Research

joy_of_brain.jpgThe Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Tohoku University are proud to present a gathering of some of the biggest names in Brain Science. "Joy of Brain Research" will take place at Tohoku University's Katahira Campus from November 25, and feature speeches and posters by some 50 experts over three days.

The opening lecture will be given by Edvard I. Moser, laureate of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Moser is the founding director of the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience and co-director of the Centre for Neural Computation. For the event, he will speak on how spatial location and spatial memory are computed in the brain. His work with his wife and long-time collaborator, May-Britt Moser, includes the discovery of grid cells in the entorhinal cortex, which provides the first clues to a neural mechanism for the metric of spatial mapping.

"Joy of Brain Research" is organized by the Graduate School of Life Sciences and the Brain Science Center at Tohoku University. It is supported by Focused Research Project and the Forum for Creativity.

Venue :

Life Science Project Research Building, Tohoku University (Katahira Campus)

Opening Lecture by Edvard I. Moser

Title: The Discovery of Grid Cells, Spatial Navigation and Cognitive Neuroscience.
Date / Time: Nov 25, 5:45pm - 7pm

Oral / Poster presentations

Date / Time: Nov 26 - 27, 9am - 6pm
Click on the link for full list of participants.

To attend, please contact:

Graduate School of Life Sciences
Fax: +81-22-217-5704

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