Center for Northeast Asian Studies Lecture

To coincide with the international symposium on Cultural Perception and Policy Engagement, the Center for Northeast Asian Studies will hold two public lectures in Japanese.

Date: December 4
Time: 2:00~4:30 pm
Venue: 6F, Multimedia Education and Research Complex, Kawauchi North Campus (Map)

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2:00~2:05 pm Opening remarks - Hiroki Oka, Director of CNEAS, Tohoku University
2:05~3:05 pm Lecture 1:
Humans in nature - a message from the hunters' realm.
Shinko Ogihara - Professor emeritus, Chiba University
3:05~3:20 pm Break time
3:20~4:20 pm Lecture 2:
Climate change and our future
Seita Emori - National Institute for Environmental Studies
4:20~4:30 pm Closing remarks - Hiroki Oka


Jin Dan
Center for Northeast Asian Studies

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