Next-generation Energies Symposium

The 4th international symposium on next-generation energy research and development for the Tohoku Recovery Project will be held at the Hotel Metropolitan Sendai on November 20.

The project aims to introduce energy production and management - using renewable energies - to aid the recovery of areas devastated by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in 2011. The three main subjects for developing next-generation energy production will be outlined at the symposium, with leaders in these fields talking on their research.

  • R & D on wave power and other ocean renewable energy on the Sanriku Coast.
  • R & D on algae-based biofuels.
  • R & D on integrated community energy control systems for human and vehicle mobility, with a focus on renewable energy.

Date: November 20
Time: 1:00~5:00pm
Venue: Hotel Metropolitan Sendai, 3F, "Akebono" room.

There will be simultaneous translation for talks, in English and Japanese.

Registration via website:


Graduate School of Environmental Studies

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