Karuta Club Wins

On March 29, the Tohoku University Karuta (*) Club competed in the 101st national student karuta competition. The tournament took place at a sports center in Tokyo, with Tohoku University coming in first place in the A grade section - the highest level.

One hundred and two teams from A to D grade competed in the large scale competition. Teams are made up of five members, and this time Tohoku University had 8 teams competing at A grade level.

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(*) Karuta :
Karuta is a Japanese card game introduced by Portuguese traders during the mid 16th century. To play competitive karuta, competitors split a pack of cards and wait for a reciter to read poems that correspond with the cards laid in front of them. The aim is to quickly determine which is the correct card, and then to retrieve it before it is grabbed by an opponent. The player who ends up with the most cards at the end of the game, wins.


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