Mariko Nagai Speaks at Tohoku University

"To communicate is to build relationships. So, building relationships are the power of communication," spoke English-Japanese Interpreter Mariko Nagai at the Seminar on University Globalization held at Tohoku University.

Mariko Nagai, is a simultaneous interpreter who has worked at numerous major summits and conferences.

The Power and Art of Communication -Mariko Nagai at Tohoku University

Nagai gave a keynote speech at a seminar on June 23rd under the title, "The Power and Art of Communication -For an Effective Leadership in a Globalized World." She pointed out the barriers preventing Japanese from getting into debate and introduced some points for effective communication; Contents, Skill and Passion.

She also made suggestions on techniques for improving English, such as verbalizing language and image training.

"Don't feel that everything is troublesome. Go out and try to have your communication, and try to get connected with the globalized world. In verbal communication, that is the only method that we can understand each other in this human community." Nagai mentioned the importance of curiosity and gave encouragement to seminar participants.

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