Interactive Short Course in Marine Biology

An introductory seminar titled Interactive Short Course in Marine Biology was held at Tohoku University's Asamushi Research Center from August 17 - 22.

Students from a variety of countries and educational backgrounds spent the week working on group projects involving sea roaches, sea snails and other marine animals. They also went on a boat ride to collect plankton.

Through their experiments, the students learnt basic science processes such as making experimental designs, interpreting results, considering further hypotheses and testing them.

Away from the labs, the students enjoyed community life in the dormitory and had a BBQ party on the seashore. It was an experience unlike regular campus life and organisers of the course hope that students not only learnt about marine biology, but also made new friends and good memories.


The seminar was supported by the Institute for Excellence in Higher Education (IEHE) educational development grant, and held in cooperation with Programs in English at Komaba (PEAK) at the University of Tokyo.


Research Center for Marine Biology, Asamushi
Tohoku University Graduate School of Life Sciences
Tel: +81 17 752-3388

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