An AOS Startup Session and Chemistry Seminar are held at Tohoku University

The University of Washington-Tohoku University Academic Open Space (AOS) promotes exchanges and collaboration in fields such as human resilience and chemistry, and provides support for startups.

An AOS event was held between November 13 and 14, in conjunction with the visit to Japan of the University of Washington's Vice President for Innovation, Professor François Baneyx.

At the November 13 AOS Startup Session, Professor Baneyx and participants discussed the possibility of future cooperation in the area of startup support.

On November 14, Professor Baneyx met with Professor. Akinori Ito (Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering) and Professor Hirokazu Moriya (Graduate School of Engineering International Office) to discuss the possibility of further cooperation between the two universities.

At the AOS Chemistry Seminar, which was held at Aobayama Commons, Professor Baneyx delivered a lecture followed by a Q&A session. More than 30 people attended the seminar, including students and professors, contributing to a lively discussion after the lecture.

It is hoped that this event will lead to further progress in collaborative activities that promote innovation at the two universities.


Global Affairs Department,Global Engagement Division

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