Visit from the Australian Embassy’s Counsellor for Education and Science

Visit from the Australian Embassy's Counsellor for Education and Science

Tohoku University welcomed representatives from the Australian Embassy on March 27. While on campus, Paul Harris (Counsellor for Education and Science) and Kumiko Tsukamoto (Senior Education Manager) met for talks with Executive Vice President Toshiya Ueki.

The meeting focused on strengthening ties between Tohoku University and Australian Institutions, such as the Strategic Partnership Agreement with the University of Melbourne. EVP Ueki spoke of the development of new student exchange programs, as well as the joint materials science research and staff development workshops held during a Tohoku University Day event in Melbourne last November.

As a follow up, Tohoku University will host a joint workshop, spread over three campuses (Aobayama, Katahira and Kawauchi), in both materials science and higher education later this year.

Tohoku University currently has four University Level Agreements and seven Department Level Agreements with Australian universities. The summer program for student exchange has also seen continued growth, with year-on-year increases in the number of participants from Australia.

Tohoku University now hopes to extend its International Joint Graduate Programs down under. The programs, which link Tohoku University with leading institutions around the world, have been particularly successful in Europe, and Mr. Harris expressed interest in promoting similar connections in Australia.

Associate EVP Masahiro Yamaguchi and Professor Kazuko Suematsu, deputy director of the Global Learning Center, were also at the meeting. Both sides described the talks as fruitful and encouraging.

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