Japan Seminar in Indonesia: Special Lecture by Professor Noriyoshi Tsuchiya

On February 26, Professor Noriyoshi Tsuchiya of the Graduate School of Environmental Sciences gave an online lecture on geothermal energy as part of a "Japan Seminar" held by the Centre for Japanese Studies at the University of Indonesia.

The lecture was co-hosted by the National University of Indonesia and the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia, and was aimed mainly at university students. The lecture attracted approximately 220 participants from a number of universities.

Under the theme of "Future Technology of Geothermal Energy for Sustainable Development," Professor Tsuchiya introduced geothermal energy and its potential utilization in Indonesia, where such energy is readily available.

The students asked many questions about the topics presented, such as the difference between geothermal energy and other natural energy sources; and the possible risks associated with its use. The range of questions posed demonstrated that many Indonesian students - regardless of whether they are majoring in the humanities or the sciences - are very much interested in areas related to environmental science, such as the use of sustainable energy.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Tsuchiya called on the audience to study together at Tohoku University, and the Japan Seminar ended on a high note.

The lecture can be viewed via the YouTube channel run by the Centre for Japanese Studies at the University of Indonesia:

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