University of Manchester's Associate Vice-President for Internationalisation Visits

On December 6, Professor Stephen Flint, the Associate Vice-President for Internationalisation at the University of Manchester, visited Tohoku University with a five-representative delegation. During their visit, they met with Executive Vice President (EVP) Toshiya Ueki and discussed cooperative efforts between the two universities.

EVP Ueki welcomed Professor Flint back to campus after his earlier visit in April. He also expressed an interest in further developing the relationship between the two universities.

In response, Professor Flint mentioned that the University of Manchester will mark the 200th anniversary of its founding next year. It is currently planning its commemorative festivities. He shared his hope that Tohoku University would be able to participate in these events.

EVP Ueki and Professor Flint spoke about the importance of cross-disciplinary initiatives that tackle global issues such as climate change as well as the importance of diversifying opportunities for student exchanges moving forward. The meeting concluded with their agreement to continue working to strengthen the two institutions' research and educational cooperation.

The delegation also met with professors from the Graduate School of Engineering to discuss matters related to student exchanges and spoke with professors from the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences about the possibilities of future research collaborations.

The visit is expected to further deepen the exchanges between Tohoku University and the University of Manchester.


Global Affairs Department, Global Engagement Division

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