Senior delegation visits Tsinghua University and meets Tohoku University alumni in Beijing

Senior members of Tohoku University were in Beijing recently to attend a joint workshop and to meet with alumni members at the General Assembly of the university's China Alumni Association.

Tsinghua University-Tohoku University Joint Workshop

The joint workshop was hosted by Tsinghua University on December 21. It opened with warm addresses from Tsinghua University Vice President Xue Qikun and Tohoku University President Susumu Satomi, both reiterating the importance of their longtime friendship.


Executive Vice President Toshiya Ueki delivered a presentation on Tohoku University's recent achievements, including an explanation of its new Designated National University status.

Director of the Research Institute of Electrical Communication Hideo Ohno and Director of AIMR Motoko Kotani introduced the work at their respective institutes and highlighted opportunities for more research collaborations, especially in materials science and spintronics.

Approximately 50 students from Tsinghua University attended the seminar and engaged in a lively Q&A session after the lectures.

news201802021_2.jpgAhead of the workshop, President Satomi met separately with Tsinghua University President Qiu Yong to discuss ways both universities can strengthen their existing academic exchange agreement. A suggestion was floated at the meeting that a special event be held in Sendai later this year to mark two significant milestones in their relationship.

2018 represents the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and the People's Republic of China, and the 20th anniversary of the conclusion of the university exchange agreement.

Chinese Alumni Association General Assembly

Before leaving Beijing, the delegation from Tohoku University attended the General Assembly of its China Alumni Association, held on December 23.

news201802021_3.jpgThere they met with some 50 China-based alumni, who recalled with nostalgia their life and research in Sendai.

The Tohoku University China Alumni Association holds regular meetings of its management committee, but the General Assembly, chaired by Tsinghua University's VP Xue, was held for the first time since December 2012.

Addressing the group, Secretary General Yu Jingzhi spoke of recent developments within the association, while other alumni members provided updates on their activities. There was great interest among the alumni in continuing to engage in exchanges with Tohoku University.

The 11-member Tohoku University delegation was led by President Satomi and EVP Ueki, who is also the director of the Tohoku University China Office. Other participants included AIMR Director Kotani , Associate EVP Masahiro Yamaguchi and Professor Mitsuo Ishii, who is assistant director of the Tohoku University China Office.


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