Completion of the TOKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity

Construction of the TOKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity, the main location of Tohoku University's "Tohoku Forum for Creativity" (TFC) (*), was completed in March 2015. Tokyo Electron Co., Ltd. provided a large amount of financial support to create the new building. At the TOKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity, the TFC will establish an open academic environment where people from all over the world can gather, learn from each other, and develop new ideas.

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lobby lecture room

(*)The Tohoku Forum for Creativity (TFC) is the first international visitor research institute in Japan. The TFC invites world-class researchers, such as Nobel Laureates, to Sendai to discuss their research with Tohoku University staff and students. Our aim is to identify important problems across all fields of research, and to develop innovative ideas and deeper theoretical foundations through intensive, focused discussions. The TFC will also inspire and educate young researchers in order to raise the next generation of global leaders.


Tohoku Forum for Creativity
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