Alumni Branch in the Big Apple

In February last year, a group of graduates from Tohoku University held a social gathering in New York to discuss forming an official alumni group. Marty Kuehnert, senior advisor to Tohoku University's president, was there to join in the fun and to give an update on the university's recent activities.

After officially registering the New York branch of the Tohoku University Alumni Association, the founding members held their inaugural event on November 24 at a local Japanese bistro.

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Marty Kuehnert (center, front row) November 24 gathering at Azusa of Japan

The branch has since seen a gradual increase in membership, and look forward to welcoming more members this year. Anyone with a connection to Tohoku University is encouraged to get in touch and to join other alumni for future events. The next activity is planned for February 5.

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Tsukasa Kawarai

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