Distinguished Invited University Professor Hiroshi Maeda - Obituary

Tohoku University alumnus and Distinguished Invited University Professor Hiroshi Maeda, passed away in the early hours of May 18, 2021. He was 82.

Maeda, a world renowned expert in macromolecular therapeutics, was best known for creating the first polymeric-conjugate drug, SMANCS, which is used in Japan to treat hepatoma, a typical liver cancer.

Maeda completed his doctoral course at Tohoku University's Graduate School of Agricultural Science in 1968, and also earned an M.D. in 1973. He maintained close ties with the university throughout his life, and was conferred the title of Distinguished Invited University Professor in April 2020, in recognition of his scientific achievements. The position gave him the opportunity to help guide Tohoku University's young researchers and to continue exchanging ideas with other academics in related fields.

On his last visit to campus in October 2020, he gave a special lecture about the current status and future prospects of cancer treatments, and engaged in a lively discussion with about 50 students and faculty members.

Until his passing, Maeda served as director of BioDynamics Research Foundation, and was also a Professor Emeritus at Kumamoto University and a Senior Invited Professor at Osaka University Medical School.

In a message to Tohoku University this morning, his family thanked the faculty and students who had known Maeda, for their continued support and kindness over the years. They added that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the funeral will be restricted to close relatives, and that they would not be accepting flowers or condolences at their home at this time.

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