The Tohoku University President’s Fellowship

For They are Jolly Good Fellows!

The Tohoku University President's Fellowship has been awarded to 27 international students this year, among them 15 new recipients from seven countries. Twelve other students had their scholarships extended.

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The students received their certificates from university president Susumu Satomi at a ceremony at Katahira Campus on March 28. At the ceremony, German student Philipp Grajeteki gave a speech on behalf of all the recipients, thanking their professors for their guidance.

Zou Wei and Gong Runyi, speaking after the ceremony, described their awards as important recognition of their work. "I feel very, very proud and honoured," said Zou Wei. "I'm really happy today!"

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The Tohoku University President's Fellowship for International Students was set up in 2010 to attract dynamic foreign students and encourage diversity on campus. The award - which includes free tuition and the coverage of exam fees - offers foreign students an incentive to come to Japan, and the financial support to optimize their opportunities and experiences at Tohoku University.

"I'm very honoured and the money also means a lot to me," said Wang Zhuyu with a smile. "I don't have much money so this will help balance my finances."

It's a sentiment shared by Thai student Wijak Yospanya. "Instead of spending time on a part-time job, I can now focus more on my studies and research. I can also keep helping others through volunteer work, which provides important experiences."

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