International Orientation for Spring 2017

International Orientation for Spring 2017

An orientation session for about 200 new international students was held at the Multidisciplinary Research Building of Kawauchi Campus. Participants included undergraduate and graduate students on both degree-seeking and exchange programmes starting this spring.

The session began with an introduction of Tohoku University by Executive Vice President Kimio Hanawa, followed by several presentations on ways to maximize student life here.

Professor Yuka Sakamoto from the Global Learning Center highlighted campus facilities, club activities, student support services and various English language resources, such as this website and the university's official social media platforms.

Professors Nanae Kojima and Chiyuki Nakaoka spoke on the importance of healthcare and mental health awareness, and introduced the work they do at the Center for Counseling and Disability Services.

Since many students commute to campus, Kazushi Nobe of Sendai police was also on hand to address Sendai's traffic and bicycle rules.

After the presentations, students visited booths in the atrium set up by community interest groups.

For those interested in community outreach, organisations such as the Tohoku University Foreign Students Association (TUFSA) and the Tohoku University Volunteer Support Center (SCRUM) have activities year round.

While Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association (SenTIA) and Miyagi International Association (MIA) are among the groups that bridge the city's local and foreign communities, offering language classes and cultural exposure.

The groups reflect Tohoku University and Sendai's strong cultural diversity, and students are encouraged to get involved in community activities as a way to make new friends and experience the local way of life.


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