Presentation of the Tohoku University Professor Fujino Memorial Incentive Award

The presentation of the Tohoku University Professor Fujino Memorial Incentive Award was held on Thursday, September 18 with Takeshi Ebata, Chairman of the Miyagi Japan-China Friendship Association and related associates in attendance at the Lu Xun Lecture Hall in the Tohoku University Katahira Campus where the renowned Chinese writer Lu Xun studied as a student.

The award was established in 2005 in commemoration of Professor Genkuro Fujino who was the basis for Lu Xun's short story "Mr. Fujino." Lu Xun studied at the Sendai Medical College which was the predecessor of Tohoku University

The Professor Fujino Memorial Incentive Award is awarded to bright and promising Chinese graduate exchange students at this university. This year, 5 Chinese exchange students have been honored for their achievements in research and were presented with the awards certificate and a gift from President Satomi.

Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Chi Jiaojie: The expression of possibilities in modern Japanese.

Graduate School of Medicine, Yu Lei: Research relating to transcription factors.

Graduate School of Engineering, Liu Huihong: Research relating to biocompatible metals.

Graduate School of Life Sciences, Wang Quingwei: Research relating to functional ecology.

Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Wu Xiaoyong: Creation of visible light-responsive photocatalyst through the solvothermal reaction and its environment cleaning function

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