Spring Orientation

Spring Orientation for International Students - welcome everyone!

Tohoku University held its spring orientation for new international students on April 5 at Kawauchi Campus.

Executive Vice President Kimio Hanawa delivered the welcome speech, which was followed by an overview of the university by the Global Learning Center.

Faculty members introduced libraries, eateries and other useful facilities on campus, such as support services that are available to students. These include the Center for Career Support, the Student Health Care Center, and the Center for Counseling and Disability Services.

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Student safety was also addressed. Representatives from the Miyagi Prefectural Police and Sendai Kita Police Station were on hand to raise awareness of crime, cybercrimes and important local traffic rules.

As most Tohoku University students also become active members of the community, several local, international and volunteer organisations took the opportunity to introduce their activities and invite interested students to take part.

Spring is always an exciting time as it marks a new begining. Tohoku University welcomes all new students to a wonderful academic adventure in the year ahead.


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