President's Fellowship for International Students 2017

President's Fellowship for International Students 2017

Twenty-nine international students from 10 countries have received the Tohoku University President's Fellowship for 2017. Among them are 15 new recipients. Fourteen other students had their scholarships extended.

The students received their certificates from university president Susumu Satomi at a ceremony at Katahira Campus on March 29.

"It is really such an honour to get this scholarship," said Cheng Hui, an environmental engineering student from China. "From the moment I found out that I got this, I was so excited I told all my friends. I think I've shared the news with everyone."

"This is the first time I've been awarded something for an individual achievement," said Pierre Vidil from France, who is studying quantum physics. "And this was a fully formal Japanese ceremony, too. I've been here two and a half years and this feels like a new step in my life in Japan."

Vidil, who works part time teaching French and English, also spoke of the financial relief that comes with the award. "Not having to pay for tuition fees is a lot of relief for me and my mother. Obviously, I still have daily expenses, but it will be better for my studies if I don't have to do as much part time work. It definitely makes my mind lighter."

The Tohoku University President's Fellowship for International Students was set up in 2010 to encourage diversity on campus. The award - which covers tuition and exam fees - offers foreign students an incentive to come to Tohoku University, and the financial support to optimize their experiences while in Japan.


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