Science Café and Liberal Arts Salon Spring/ Summer 2019

Tohoku University's Science Café is a lecture series held once a month at various downtown locations. The interactive event provides an opportunity for anyone who is interested, to attend a free lecture on the latest in science research, take part in experiments and chat with researchers, students and like-minded people over drinks.

Running in tandem with the Science Café series is the similarly popular Liberal Arts Salon, fashioned after the social and intellectual gatherings of 17th and 18th century Europe. Held three times a semester, the events feature themes chosen from the university's wide range of liberal arts subjects.

Examples of lectures from last season can be found here:
Science Café
Liberal Arts Salon

Below is the schedule for this year's spring / summer series. All lectures run from 6 - 7:45 pm. Admission is free and there is no need to register.

Please note that the lectures are only in Japanese.

Science Café

Lecture # 163 (ended)

Biodiversity - The structure and blessings of forests

Professor Kenji Seiwa,

Graduate School of Agricultural Science

Date: April 19 (Friday)
Venue: Sendai Mediatheque

Lecture # 164 (ended)

Proteins as Elements of Life - Understanding the form and function by computer

Associate Professor Hafumi Nishi,

Graduate School of Information Science

Date: May 15 (Wednesday)
Venue: Sendai Mediatheque

Lecture # 165 (ended)

What's it like inside Earth? The Wonders of Minerals!

Associate Professor Takahiro Kuribayashi,

Graduate School of Science

Date: June 28 (Friday)
Venue: Sendai Mediatheque

Lecture # 166 (ended)

Essential Poison for our Body. Understanding How Medicine Works.

Professor Yoshiro Saito,

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Date: July 12 (Friday)
Venue: Sendai Mediatheque

Lecture # 167 (ended)

Supercritical Treasure Hunt! New Food Processing and Waste Treatment/Disposal Technology

Professor Masaru Watanabe,

Graduate School of Engineering

Date: August 30 (Friday)
Venue: Sendai Mediatheque

Lecture #168 (ended)

Treating Cancer with Immunity

Professor Hideo Harigae,

Graduate School of Medicine

Date: September 18 (Wednesday)
Venue: Sendai Mediatheque

Liberal Arts Salon

Lecture # 58 (ended)

Deciphering the Code in Chinese Writing: Why "Journey to the West" won't be found in Chinese textbooks?

Professor Minoru Katsuyama,

Graduate School of International Cultural Studies

Date: May 31 (Friday)
Venue: Sendai Mediatheque

Lecture # 59 (ended)

Are Humans Naturally Good or Evil?

Associate Professor Tomohiro Saito,

Graduate School of Arts and Letters

Date: August 9 (Friday)
Venue: Sendai Mediatheque

Lecture # 60 (ended)

"Biodiversity which needs Handling with Care"

Professor Satoshi Chiba,

Center for Northeast Asian Studies

Date: September 20 (Friday)
Venue: Sendai Mediatheque


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