Coronavirus Vaccination for Tohoku University Students, Faculty and Staff

The Tohoku University Vaccination Center, which was established jointly with Sendai City and Miyagi Prefecture in May, will be offering vaccinations to students, faculty and staff of the university from June 21.

This is in line with the Japanese government's policy to have companies implement workplace vaccinations where possible. Local government coupons are not required for this vaccination, but they must be submitted to the university at a later date for official records (so please keep the coupons when they arrive.)

Tohoku University students, faculty and staff who wish to be vaccinated can make an appointment through the web-based reservation system. Instructions can be found in the attachment labeled "How to apply for the new coronavirus vaccination."

An appointment for the second dose of the vaccine will automatically be made for four weeks after the first dose, on the same day and at the same time. Please make sure that you are available on both dates before making the first appointment.

Who is eligible: Students, faculty and staff (Tohoku University ID required)
Vaccination period for first dose: June 21 - August 5 (including Saturdays and Sundays)
Vaccination period for second dose: Appointment will automatically be made for the same day and time, four weeks after the first dose.
Venue: Tohoku University Vaccination Center, 4th Floor, Yodobashi Camera Sendai, Building 2. (Tsutsujigaoka 1-2-13, Miyagino-ku, Sendai). (Map)

Important information and instructions: 

To make an appointment, apply via the Tohoku University Coronavirus Vaccination Reservation System:
Appointments must be made by noon, at least three days in advance.

Please read the following documents carefully.
- (00) How to apply for the new coronavirus vaccination (PDF)
- (01) Vaccine explanation (PDF)
- (02) Vaccine reservation system (PDF)
- (03) Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire (予診票)
- (03-02) Sample of Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire (PDF)
- (03-03) English translation of Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire (PDF)
- (04) Record of Vaccination form (接種記録書)
- (04-02) English translation of Record of Vaccination form (PDF)

Once an appointment is made, you will receive an email confirming the dates and time. Please print out and complete the Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire (予診票) and the Record of Vaccination form (接種記録書) in Japanese, using the English translated samples as a guide. Bring the two forms when you go for your vaccination.

For more information about the vaccination, please read the FAQ.

Please note that this vaccination is not compulsory, and there may be compelling reasons (such as certain health conditions) why someone is unable, or does not wish, to be vaccinated. All members of the university are reminded not to discriminate against anyone who is not vaccinated.

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Tohoku University International PR Section
Tel: +81-22-217-4816

Tohoku University International PR Section
Tel: +81-22-217-4816

For students:
Vaccination Counseling Service (weekdays only) *A login ID is required.

For faculty and staff:
Vaccination Counseling Service (weekdays only) *A login ID is required.

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