Local Government and University Officials Issue Reminders After COVID-19 Cases Rise Again in Miyagi

The number of COVID-19 cases has been rising in Tokyo as well as in other cities around the country. Sendai, too, has seen an increase in new cases recently, including an infection cluster this week caused by a group of students eating together at a restaurant.

To underscore the seriousness of the situation, the Governor of Miyagi Prefecture, Yoshihiro Murai, and the Mayor of Sendai, Kazuko Kori, both recorded separate messages urging residents to stay vigilant and to continue taking strict preventive measures to help stem the spread of infection.

Tohoku University's EVP for Education and Student Support, Hirotsugu Takizawa, echoed the sentiment, reminding students that although the university adjusted its BCP to level 1 on June 19, there is still a pandemic. It is therefore, extremely important that all students and staff behave responsibly, wear a mask, wash their hands and practice social distancing.

All students are also urged to read the preventive measures outlined in BCP level 1 again, which include restrictions on social gatherings and part-time jobs. Students should also always avoid places and activities with the 3Cs - closed spaces, crowded spaces and/or close-contact settings.

While domestic travel is no longer banned, unnecessary and recreational trips - especially during crowded peak periods like long holiday weekends and Obon - are discouraged. For students and staff who have to travel, please check the status of the destination cities for infection cases.

At BCP Level 1, students must still take classes online at home, and staff should avoid large in-person meetings. Several facilities on campus have reopened recently, but please follow the relevant guidelines and take extra precautions at all times to stay safe.

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