Mission Statement, Towards 2016

Tohoku University's mission statement and commitment to creating global excellence in education.

Mission Statement

Tohoku University has been committed to the "Research First" principle and "Open Door" policy since its foundation, and is internationally recognized for its outstanding standards in education and research. The university contributes to world peace and equity by devoting itself to research useful in solving societal problems, and educating human resources in leadership skills.

Establish ourselves as an internationally recognized university and research center

  • Consistently produce top research in a broad spectrum of fields, including the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences.
  • Create cutting edge research institutions and other forums capable of responding to the rapid dissemination of knowledge and a knowledge based society.
  • Establish our presence and reputation as an international general research base while maintaining close links with major national and international research networks.

Nurture human resources capable of leadership who contribute to knowledge and the advancement of society

  • The faculty's cutting edge research will be reflected in their teaching.
  • Content and pedagogy of all courses will be that of a top level educational institution.
  • Establish an educational foundation which enables students to explore new avenues of human knowledge and to become aware of the responsibilities of leadership.
  • Develop educational programs and institutions that foster outstanding, internationally minded specialists with theoretical and practical knowledge.

Contributions to the community and to the world

  • Contribute to the development of community and humanity by making available to the world the benefits of research and human resources with exceptional leadership abilities.
  • Provide equal opportunity to all capable, highly motivated students and faculty, regardless of nationality, race or religion, age or gender, or any other social standing.
  • In keeping with our tradition of practice oriented research and education, create a science park by further promoting university and industry collaboration.
  • Dramatically increase the quality and availability of public education, and to provide consultation when specialized knowledge is required.
  • Open the campus to the general public and consider ways in which the university's intellectual and material resources, such as the libraries, academic materials and facilities, can be beneficially utilized.

Establish a culture, environment and management system appropriate for an internationally renowned research and education institution

  • Maintain and further develop a university culture that will stimulate the creation of world class research and education.
  • Create an atmosphere conducive to intellectual activities by bringing aesthetic unity to the campuses and their natural surroundings.
  • Establish a human, material and financial base in a management system which allows a world class research and educational institution to develop rapidly and flexibly.

Tohoku University Reconstruction Action

  • Leading the restoration of Tohoku and the regeneration of Japan.
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