COVID-19 Prevention Measures: Several University Facilities to Close Temporarily

With the safety of the community in mind, Tohoku University will be temporarily closing the following facilities. Students, staff and members of the public are urged to check back frequently for updates:

Main Library:

Weekends: closed from April 10 until further notice. Weekdays: open from 9 am - 5 pm.
Shared computers service have been suspended (April 1 -).

Lu Xun's Lecture Hall:

Closed from March 2 until further notice.

There will be no public visits to the hall during this period. The temporary exhibition of historical documents and materials from the University Archives will also be suspended.

The Tohoku University Museum:

Closed from February 29 until further notice.

Kawauchi Hagi Hall:

Most concerts and events scheduled for April and May have been cancelled.

Tohoku University Botanical Gardens:

Closed until further notice.

The university campus bus service:

Closed until further notice.

Kawauchi Circle and Club Building:

Closed until further notice.


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