COVID-19 Information and Preventive Measures (Updated April 1)

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What to do if you feel unwell (Students / Staff )
For students and staff (New Students / Current Students / Staff )
University events and facilities that are affected
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As the number of people affected by the new infectious disease, officially named COVID-19, continues to rise around the world, Tohoku University would like to remind all students and staff to be extra vigilant about their health, and to check the university's official websites (English, Japanese) and social media pages (FB, Twitter, Linkedin) regularly for important updates that might affect them.

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What to do if you feel unwell

Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai City have set up a special hotline, and issued a useful check-list for recent travelers to monitor their health. Tohoku University would like all students and staff to follow these instructions:

(1) Download the checklist here and monitor your condition. (PDF)
(2) If you have flu-like symptoms, such as high fever, sore throat or a cough for several days, you should call the hotline at 0120-565653 / 022-211-3883.
(3) You will be directed to an appropriate clinic or hospital. Bring the check-list with you.
(4) Alert the university by sending an email to the appropriate address below, describing your condition and what you've been instructed to do.


Send your report: *Email address and body will be set automatically by click.



Please take extra measures against infectious diseases, such as covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and washing your hands frequently and thoroughly.

If you have a fever or other flu-like symptoms, please stay home and quarantine yourself. If you have classes, final examinations, or dissertation presentations, please contact your faculty or graduate school for instructions. Do not go to class if you are sick.

To reduce exposure to crowds, please postpone or cancel large social gatherings.

All extracurricular student activities, such as clubs and circles, are prohibited until the Golden Week break. Most campus sports facilities, like the gym, are also closed until further notice.

Handbook ( English/ Chinese /Other )

Instructions in English (For students/ For staff ) / Checklist

Instructions in Chinese (For students/ For staff ) / Checklist

For New Students:

Entrance Ceremony: The Spring Entrance Ceremony, which was scheduled for April 3 at Kamei Arena Sendai, has been cancelled. Instead a message from University President Hideo Ohno will be posted on the university website.
Orientation for Incoming International Students: General orientation for new students has also been moved online, with videos being avaliable from April 2. Faculty-specific orientation will be held on the week of April 13.
・BYOD: Laptops are used for everyday academic activities such as preparing and submitting reports, distributing class materials, viewing class syllabuses, checking grades and registering for classes. Because of this, Tohoku University requests that all students bring their own laptops with them. For more details on the minimum specification required for laptops, please see here.

For Current Students and Staff:

Start of Spring Semester Classes to be Delayed
・Visa: Applying for the "Certificate of Eligibility (COE)"
Time to Come Home: Tohoku University is strongly urging all students and staff who are currently overseas to return to Japan to avoid getting stranded.

University events and facilities that are affected

With the safety of the community in mind, Tohoku University will be temporarily stopping some services and closing the following facilities.
Students, staff and members of the public are urged to check back frequently for updates.

  • Kawauchi Circle and Club Building
    Closed until further notice.
  • The university campus bus service
    The university campus bus service will temporarily suspend operations until further notice.
    This affects all routes.
  • Most of the concerts and events scheduled for April and March have been cancelled.

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Extra Information in English:

The World Health Organisation has an excellent website with useful information about the coronavirus and what to do to stay safe.

NHK World News

The Ministry of Health
To learn more about the situation in Japan, go to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's English website.

The Ministry of Justice
- Measures to reduce congestion at the immigration counters in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease COVID-19
- Handling of Applications for Residence due to the Spread of New Coronavirus Infection
- Regarding the period of validity of the Certificate of Eligibility in relation to the effects of the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

The Japanese National Tourism Association (Twitter)
JNTO operates the Japan Visitor Hotline which offers foreign tourists 24 hour assistance in English, Chinese and Korean: 050-3816-2787.


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